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Was It All In Vain?

The Voice of the Australian Flag



"The voice of the Australian Flag" After many hours of research have compiled a presentation of the history concerning our Australian Flag, its origin, its meaning, and the Australians who died in honour of it.

Now We Must Fight To Protect It

Or Lose It.

- The Choice Is Yours -


Before Today Ends
Watch this Video &  Send it to All

The Communist and Masonic

Infiltration of America, Australia and the

Christian / Catholic Church

This video will stir your soul, exposing our political & moral decay.
 Know that selling the Peoples Assets, was ordered by Stalin

Please listen  below to

 Amy McGrath, she explains their PLAN."

to Destroy Australia

The End Of Australia 


"Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Australia"

"I've played my part to fulfill the plan, along with my comrades.  Kev has been told to finish the task.


We are the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

Everything we say is a lie and you are too dumb

to know otherwise.

 Please listen  to Amy McGrath, she explains our PLAN." Amy McGrath 47m.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3

Click to listen


 To engulf Australia in debt, to lay redundant her population, to gift her land to foreign ownership, to rape her natural resources, to dissolve her Sovereignty and to make way for One Global Communist Governance and Population Control."


Geoengineering: The real Climate Threat

The environmental movement has developed a single-minded obsession with the supposed effects of carbon dioxide on the global climate. Rather than CO2 gas, however, the technologies that are now being proposed to mitigate this supposed problem might be the real cause of our coming environmental calamity. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.  
Were The Floods and Fires  Created Under Agenda 21
To Wipe Out Australia's Food Production ?
 Why Is The Earth Dying ?

The Most Important Topic For 2013

Watch This !


Scientific Research explaining why they are spraying the sky's around the world. Learn and more importantly do something about the Chem trails being sprayed. Learn the details here in this short film. UN Environment Programme: 200 Species Extinct Every Day, Unlike Anything Since Dinosaurs Disappeared 65 Million Years Ago. According to the UN Environment Programme, the Earth is in the midst of a mass extinction of life. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago 
  - Breaking News -

Australian Gov gives Murdoch $10m for Geoengineering    ( weather modification - Floods & Fires )

 Haarp in Australia






Mark Vaile -National Party




However,  Vaile had Hawke & Costello helping him & all three were systematically ‘slammed’ in a Today Tonight program & in an article from the Australian (see below). They who, from a position of trust as political representatives, committed Treason and betrayed the people of Australia when in office and are, now, still, it seems, doing it!

But now they are enjoying their life-time Parliamentary pensions & free 1st class air travel we gave them & their whole bloody families, for life, as well as all the other lurks & perks!  All for the privilege of not only treating us, the people, with disdain & contempt, but right now, as well, they are collecting a fortune by working for the multinational interests.  Surely this is Treason ??

They have handing over to foreign control, all of the peoples assets, as demanded by the EU in the G.A.T.S agreement.


 See document: G.A.T.S. - The End of Democracy.


The China Invasion


 "There's better buying at the moment, the market is down" "Internationally Australia is a laughing stock" "We should be selling the milk not the cow, the food not the farm"
"The more people to come in to the country, Australia, the more jobs that are created, the more homes that are built, otherwise the market would be even flatter than what it is at the moment"


Australian Farmland Being Sold Off



 Fears for Australia's food security as secretive land deals continue to sell off some of our best and most productive farmland.

-  Form a Group and visit your Member of Parliament -

Instruct them to End all Agreements such as G.A.T.S.

That are detrimental to the People and future

of Australia.



- Australian's still have A Choice -


The People of Australia and future generations have had this wonderful country stolen from under their noses by Traitors within all levels of Government and  Business.

It Is Time

To Take Back Australia

Do Not Allow Yourself To Become Distracted



Tell your neighbours Tell you friends. Read this Site & Send it On

God Bless and Protect those with the Spirit and Courage to Act.

Read every Page and Watch every Video on this Site.

Are the Smaller Parties Australia's Last Chance ?

Please Check Their Plans To Save Australia

 Watch this Video about Olympic Dam
Australians' to be Given another Death Sentence 
By Radiation = CANCER
South Australian and Federal Corruption Allows BHP Billiton to Sign Off on Expansion of Olympic Dam with no accountability to Law Or transparency to the people. 

 Call Alan and Stop the Olympic Dam Expansion? NO

Alan Jones - Is He really the Voice of the People?


The repeated calls to holt Climate Change Fraud  by High Court Action, falls on Deaf Ears

Call Alan and ask the questions.

Click here to Listen Live between 5.00am - 9.30 am



 - Breaking News -

Schapelle Corby Victim of Political Sacrifice.


How a government wilfully withheld vital evidence from a court of law, deceived its public, orchestrated an unprecedented media campaign, and ruthlessly deployed its organs of state against one of its own citizens.
This is a frightening but entirely true narrative; a grotesque political horror story which is still unfolding today. It exposes what happens when an individual’s human rights conflict with strategic political need. It reveals the ruthless use of a government’s organs of state, and a regime of unprecedented opinion management, against a single working class woman and her desperate family.



The Expendable Project is a global collaboration documenting and exposing the wilful political sacrifice of an innocent woman. Forthcoming publications include The Expendable Dossiers, which will be submitted to appropriate international agencies.

Help free  Schapelle Corby 

Write to your Local Federal Member of Parliament Today



Hollywood’s Corporate Military

Finds Permanent Home DownUnder

To Radiate, Bomb and Destroy Australia from Top to Bottom 


Read  these links below

Australia, a new stronghold for US military

Canberra seals US pact on cyber wars.

U.S. could get more access to Australian bases






to Foreign Corporations & Governments 



See who is Approving the SELL-OUT of Australia
Foreign  Investment

There Is No Foreign Investment In Australia 

Only Foreign Takeovers.



Australia Betrayed


See By Who Below



From Freedom To Enslavement  

What our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to preserve, traitors have  worked to destroy.

See Gallery of Traitors Below

A Must Watch Doco For All Australians

 The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche

Controlling The Minds And Lives Of Australians

 Click Here To Watch

 Australians Are Being Taxed and Indebted   

To Pay For Their Own Enslavement.

$100 Billion of this TAX Paid to Rothschilds Controlled United Nations - Never discussed.

Carbon Tax Fraud


Caught Out !
A Slide of Hand without Notice or Word from Aussies.?
The Switch from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE without a hitch.
Doesn't the Climate Change Naturally & Independently every Moment ?
 Julia Gillard's Agenda for Carbon Tax

 Read - Who Are The Global Mafia The Scurge Of The Earth? -



 - Breaking News -

Rothschild's  Environmentalism used to seduce the World into their One Word Government


Rothschild's Carbon Ring Consortium and Carbon Ring Pty Limited

1991 "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill."
- Club of Rome 1991

 July 6, 2007 David Rothschild's says he and his family (that own half of the world's wealth) have no plans for a global carbon dioxide  tax.

April 21, 2009  The same Rothschild family are setting up carbon tax "banks" here in Australia and abroad!!

Rothschild Australia to Take the Lead in the Global Carbon Trading Market

March 22, 2009

 PR NewsWire - Rothschild Australia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$150 billion by 2012.

In a move that will re-shape the fledgling emissions trading market, Rothschild Australia and E3 International
today announced their intention to launch the Carbon Ring Consortium — an investment vehicle that will provide companies in the Asia Pacific Region with an innovative way of learning about and understanding their risks in the new carbon market.

Flashback: Rothschild Launches Carbon Credit Investment Fund

Rothschild Australia and Australia-based environmental group E3 International have launched a fund which will allow highly polluting companies to offset their emissions by buying carbon credits from cleaner firms. With individual investments of no less than $100,000, the Consortium hopes to raise $2 million. It is expected that by June 2003 the carbon credits purchased will be ready for distribution among investors. "Rothschild, E3 Launch Carbon Credit Investment Fund," - National Energy Technology Laboratory, Carbon Sequestration Newsletter, October 2002


Carbon Advice Group Announces the Appointment of Oliver Rothschild

May 4, 2009





Climate Change - Global Warming - CO2 Poison



See Alan Jones 2GB Interview Below


To penalise Industrial Polluters is well overdue.

However, to allow the ramifications of this Carbon Tax to create further hardship upon the Australian People, is an Act of Criminal Treason.

By creating deliberate confusion and division amongst the Australian People, using Fraud and Lies, placing the blame on Carbon an important isotope, when in reality the intention is to introduce a new Global Tax which will fund your Enslavement and install Mr Rudd as Chairman Rudd of the Asian Pacific Communist Union. The Footprint of Rudd is that of a Traitor to all Australians.


 What does Rudd have in mind for Australia?

Tim Flannery has just been hired by the Gillard Government to scare us stupid, and I can't think of a better man for the job.

This Alarmist of the Year is worth every bit of the $180,000 salary he'll get as part-time chairman of the Government's new Climate Commission.



Andrew Bolt with Steve Price interviews Tim Flannery
Friday, 25 March 2011 Listen to Recorded Broadcast.



Herald Sun: Gillard deceives again: I am not alone.

Australia Betrayed


See Details Below



Australians Being Mined Into Oblivion


To the Esteemed Members of the International Court of Justice.
We the people of Keerong Valley in Northern New South Wales, Australia wish to bring the following matter to your attention.

Our valley has been invaded; our state has been invaded, and indeed out entire continent has been invaded.

International Corporate concerns bent on exercising a greater power than that of our State or Federal governments have decided on the carve-up of our country. The decimation knows no bounds or limits. We feel that we are the victims of a silent corporate conspiracy of unbridled ambition. Our continent is being sub-divided for industrial consumption in the northern hemisphere. It is now being proposed that the toxic by-products of industrialization are to be buried, hidden from view of the world in Australia. Roxby Downs uranium mine, the Mucketty Station ‘spent’ waste plutonium deposit, and the monster in the eco-system, Coal Seam Gas mining (CSG) in every state and territory of our country are some of the dangers threatening the eternal contamination of our entire continental water supply.

Take Action Support A Group  Scroll down to see more


No Will To Fight ?

 Who me?


You! have been Slowly and Deliberately Medicated, Subdued  and Poisoned:

Poisoned with a Smile for the purpose of absolute Enslavement and Control by Criminals within Government and Related Professions.


Watch These Videoszo6SnvmMP9k

Dr. Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in New York, gives a damning interview on the history of water fluoridation, the collusion of major industries to put certified toxic waste into your drinking water, and why government health authorities refuse to conduct scientific studies into the dangers of fluoridation. After watching this video, you will never look at tap water the same way again. You have been Drugged.

Also Listen to Dr Paul Connett In a very powerful interview on Brisbane radio 4BC Thursday 17 th Feb Paul has challenged ADA to a debate in March when he returns to Australia.



"Deadly Fluoride: Hoax on the Run!"

Deadly Fluoride: Hoax on the Run - Full. 


Professor Paul Connett: This is an excellent primer on the numerous dangers of fluoride. It also provides an update on anti-fluoride activism and the ongoing effort to have it removed from water systems, food, and most perniciously from baby dietary products. 

- Stop Using Fluoridated Water -

Learn the Truth about the Toxic Waste that has been put into your household water supply and how this has subdued your spirit and jeopardised your health. It is a Cancer Causing Enzyme Inhibitor disrupting your DNA, Nervis system, Brain and Body Cells. It is a Catalyst of destruction of your entire life. 

Tell All Australian To Visit This Site 

Register Your Legitimate VOTE and Help End

the Dumbing Down and Poisoning of the Australia People

  Take Your Life Back


International News



Japanese troops could train alongside Australians:

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (right) shakes hands with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard after their joint press conference at Kan's official residence in Tokyo on April 21, 2011.

Ms Gillard is in Japan for meetings with counterpart Naoto Kan and told the Weekend Australian newspaper she was open to the idea of Japan's soldiers gaining direct experience from their more combat-ready Australian peers.

While Japan's post-war military is restricted to self-defence and peacekeeping operations, Tokyo is reportedly keen to draw on the combat experience Australians have gained in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The newspaper said the key reason was to be ready to respond to increased belligerence from China and the growing threat of North Korea. Ms Gillard said Australia had yet to receive a formal proposal, but she was open to the idea.

'We would need to work it through and see what request Japan might or might not make of us,' Ms Gillard said. 'We do have good links and partnerships at the moment and so we are looking to build on that with this vision of defence co-operation bilaterally for the future. We are in a region with reasons for defence co-operation.'

Australia and Japan have already signed a resupply and cross-servicing pact that allows their forces to operate closely during disasters or peacekeeping operations, the report said. The two sides are also reportedly eyeing a pact to share intelligence.


Australia Betrayed


See By Who Below


Australia - NATO -  Libya


Australia follows US War Machine without question or independent investigation.

Who Governs Australia?

US Planed Prio to 9/11 to Invade 

Seven Middle Eastern Countries. 

 In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran

The Plan -- according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)


 See more on US Military

 Click to see the

True Story of Inside Libya


 National News



Australian Sovereignty Betrayed

By Those We Trusted

Australian Trilateral Commission Exposed rZPkGP-1XA0

The Trilateral Commission is a Council on Foreign Relations / New World Order Front, opposed to National Sovereignty and works towards Global Government. They have many tentacle busy at work under the radar on fulfilling their Globalist agenda, such as the Marxist Fabian Society
In this film we expose some Australian members of the Globalist Trilateral Commission.


The Invasion

Australia to be Port of Call for Chinese Navy

Julia Gillard, fourth from left, and Chinese President Hu Jintao, fourth from right, attend a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo: AP Photo/Minoru Iwasaki. 12:13 PM Saturday Apr 30, 2011

CHINESE warships could be heading to Australian ports this year after the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, took "a few small steps" towards military transparency and co-operation with President Hu Jintao.

Ms Gillard told the Herald last night her key meeting with Mr Hu was "friendly in demeanour".


Western defence analysts are also concerned about the potential for a maritime accident triggering war, given China's increasingly assertive conduct and the absence of the kind of maritime incident protocols that defused incidents between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Ms Gillard said neither Mr Hu nor the Premier, Wen Jiabao, raised any concerns about Australia's military relationships with the US, or its allies, and nor did she raise concerns about the People's Liberation Army.

Instead, Ms Gillard and Mr Hu yesterday moved to build greater military co-operation including livefire exercises at sea and Chinese warships dock in Australia.  Read Full Article


Talisman Sabre Military Exercise

An Invasion Of North  Queensland July 2011

Using Live Depleted Uranium Weapon Fire
Troops: 14,000 in 2007 - 30,000 in 2011

Peace Convergence


David Bradbury (2007) independent filmmaker draws attention to the Talisman Sabre war games. Thank you David Bradbury.


  Also watch 'Blowin in the Wind' by David Bradbury


The Military Exercise

With approximately 30,000 US and Australian military personnel, Talisman Sabre is a massive joint military exercise planned for July this year. It will cost an estimated $100 million.

It will involve firing live DU ammunition and explosives from both land bases and aircraft, amphibious assaults, land force manoeuvres, and the use of high power sonar and active sonobuoys.

Talisman Sabre will utilise areas of high environmental significance, some of which are world heritage areas. It is centred around Rockhampton. Environmental impacts identified by the Department of Defence include effects on air quality, potential harm to marine animals, fire potential, noise pollution, waste disposal and spills and erosion from amphibian craft landings and weapon target zones. 

 The Human Cost to the Health and Well-Being of all Australians is immeasurable

Is This What You Want For AUSTRALIA?




Sold Out ! Again !

By the most CORRUPT Govt. in Australia's History!
  Australian Communist Govt. Hands Over $599 Million to IPCC!
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet boasts that ”Every dollar raised by the carbon price will be dedicated to supporting households with any price impacts, and supporting businesses through the transition to a clean energy economy.”  
 After saying before the 2010 Election
"There will be No Carbon Tax"
PM Julia Gillard and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet do a Backflip and announce a New Carbon Tax anyway.

This is impossible. Under the
“Fast Start Finance” commitment from Cancun, which Combet announced, $599 million will be given to the IPCC under Australia’s combating AGW obligations. This $599 million is on top of the commitment made by Australia at Cancun to give 10% of revenue raised from a carbon tax to the IPCC. Then there will be the bureaucratic expansion to run the tax, checking compliance and eligibility criteria; these administration costs apparently run at 50% for the Australian government.  Sun Herald. Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 10:21am

Andrew Bolt   Click to  Read full Report


Queensland News


 Tara,  Families Distraught As Lives In Ruin.




Meet The Man Responsible in Queensland

Qld State Minister Ex Patriot Scottish Unionist Stephen Robertson rides rough-shod over Aussies families to give British Gas drilling rights on their small family holdings. See Videos


State Minister Stephen Robertson


This will render their land, their water and their way of life, a Toxic Nightmare, unuseable for farming.

Stephen Robertson is ignorant, insensitive and unqualified  in matters of toxicology and the ecological damage caused to farmers, water, land, air and human life. He has only a single degree in Asian Studies. 

Write to him - Call him - Email him


Please sign this Coal Seam Gas petition - due this Friday, May 20th 2011- to bring this environment issue to Parliament. Click here


Meet The Man Responsible Nationally

Federal Minister Tony Burke


Tony Burke recently approved a $35 billion project to tap coal seam gas in central Queensland. A total of 50,000 Toxic Coal Seam Gas Mines have been approved for prime fertile food production land in Queensland with no regard for the families whose lives are in ruins.

Tony Burke a committed Fabian-Socialist serves his Global Masters ahead of the people of Australia. Quote from his speech to the Fabian Society (Vic.): Integration.  "Its great to be here at the Fabian Society. I actually kicked off the University of Sydney branch of the Fabian Society, what would now be some eighteen years ago." Click here.

Write to him - Call him - Email him

See More Australian Political Global Marxists


  See more of Queensland's Food Bowl being Raped by Coal Seam Gas Drilling owned by British Gas Co.  Click here



Northern NSW Pristine Food Bowl to be Invaded by Drilling for Coal Seam Gass by Communist Chinese Gas Co. See Maps


Read More... Australia Being Raped  For Gas



 Fracking Hell: The Untold Story


Without water, life is not possible. Poison the water, and you poison all life that depends on it. And just who do we have to thank for this? None other than Dick Cheney and Halliburton. And the chemicals that are used are evidently kept secret. That is, until they show up in your drinking water and you run tests to find out why you are getting sick every time you bath, or take a drink, and why the fish in your pond are dead, wildlife is gone, and your crop dies. Read full article



Coal Mining Alive & Well in Queensland & WA


As Clive Palmer sources 600 more Chinese Miners


Clive Palmer will bring in hundreds of Chinese miners to work on his Queensland coal mine.

Palmer yesterday announced that up to 10% of the workforce for his coal development in Queensland’s Galilee Basin will be sourced from China, The Australian has reported.


This new fly in fly out force could be potentially as high as 600 in number, the majority engineers. Development of the mine, as well as access to rail lines and ports is being carried out by Palmer and his joint venture partners – Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC).

He compared the ongoing work in WA with the future development in Queensland, saying "we've had 7000 workers (in WA) and we've had about seven or eight hundred Chinese engineers who are directing the work. It would probably work out something like that" in Queensland.  

 Read Article




Fools because they thought they could and

Traitors because they tried.

Led by Fools Part III



 An OzUnited/Peter Forde presentation to further explain how the Australian people are being manipulated into being ever more financially enslaved. Provides a small part of the background reasoning that motivated the establishment of OzUnited as well as a succinct answer concerning the FIRST STEP that needs to be taken to rescue and protect the Australia we inherited and are now rapidly losing.    See Site


The Gallery Of Traitors


The People Trusted - The People Betrayed

         Fabian ScocietyState Socialism


HawkeKeatin g 

Rudd Gillard


Parties All One In The Same:

The Global Agenda

Liberalism - Progressism -  Socialism  Fabianism - Maxism - Communism.

Howard     The Betrayal


Buy the Book and learn the Truth



Australia Betrayed


Using Privatisation & Foreign Investment

See The Great Privatisation List 



All the foreign ownership lists

The Chinese Communist Governments takeover of Australia

 Chinese investments in Australian resources
This list tracks Chinese Government investments in Australian resource projects.
Every project that has Chinese investment
This list tracks Chinese Buy-Ups in Australia.

Foreign government investment in Australia
See how the Chinese and Singapore Governments are set to own more Australian business assets than our own government.

Foreign companies turning over more than $200m a year Down Under
This list shows just what a large proportion of the Australian economy is already run by foreign companies.

Australian companies which generate more than $200m a year offshore
There aren't even 100 of these, but we should salute them.

Foreign companies unhappy with their experience Down Under
The global financial crisis has substantially changed this list in recent times.

Foreign companies that have done well in Australia

There aren't as many of these companies around any more.

Click to seeIsraels Hold


Video about the rise and rise of foreign investment in Australia.

Banging the drum on Today Tonight.
Video about foreign ownership of Australian companies



Australia Becoming a Mere Shell

Please Help!

To Date; - Not One Australian Person of Influence, whether Legal, Business  or Otherwise has come forward  with authority  to address  the Collapse of Australia and those Responsible.

Are they so Intimidated, Blind, Afraid, Weak of Spirit, Controlled, Corrupt or simply a victim of Brain-Fog  and Subservient Compliance, the precise purpose of  toxic water fluoridation?

- Whatever the Reason.-

Do they not consider their Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children. What Legacy are they leaving


  AUSTRALIA  Needs Your Help NOW!



In Search Of Such Men
 Listen to US Senator Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech

Are Australians Suffering The Same Fate ?

             Support Good Aussie Senators and MPs

Support those good Senators and MPs who have not only the courage to speak out but the courage, patriotism and spirit to take urgent action to protect Australia from becoming completely impoverished and enslaved.


A Great Australian Speaks Out

China Buying Up Australia Piece After Piece



 Another Great Australian Speaks Out

De-Industrialization - Alan Jones speaks to Rodney Hide lvcZioyk8NQ


 .Listen To Alan Jones Live; Weekdays 5.00am to 8.00am

Click Here.


Foreign  Investment

There Is No Foreign Investment In Australia  Only Foreign Takeovers.



Free Trade Agreements

Are Designed To Dissolve Australia's National Sovereignty

And Cripple Australia's Production.



PM Gillard talks Free Trade in North Asia

The Prime Minister is selling the benefits of free trade during her tour through North Asia.

Economic ties will continue to dominate much of her discussions with Japan, South Korea and China, with Australia currenting negotiating free trade agreements with all three nations. See article


Australia and South Korea fast track Free Trade

Australia and South Korea have agreed to conclude negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement by the end of this year.

The agreement was made at a meeting in Seoul yesterday between South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Prime Minister Julia Gillard


The terms, Foreign InvestmentPrivatisation and Free Trade were  employed to deceive the people of Australia into giving up their  Sovereignty and the right to viably produce and manufacture.  This was assisted through the implimentation of high interst rates, taxes, red tape, overheads and the removal of tariffs.

To be Patriotic or wishing to Preserve our Productivity and way of life in Australia, is now termed as Protectionism, a dirty word used by traitors to discredit and intimidate the people. 

The Lies, Corruption and the Treason committed by our trusted leaders with an agenda to criminally Socialise, Fabianise, Communise and Corporatise Australia must be addressed at the highest level. Research the background, heritage, education, associations and parliamentary records of each polititian below to discover their part  in this Betrayal.

Any Sale of Resources or  Infrastructure belonging to the People of Australian without thier consent, is Criminal Theft.

Such Sales must be deemed as No Sales and all Stolen Resources and or Infrastructure must be returned to the People of Australia. There must be no time limitations on such theft. A Notice of Intent must be served on all those reponsible or complicit to such sales or in passing such treasonous no laws to enable such sales.


As Communist Chinese Government snapps up Australia’s Natural Resources

Banging the drum on Today Tonight


 FOREIGN predators have snapped up billions of dollars in prime agricultural land and rural enterprise in Australia.


Some of Australia's best-known farm brands - including Golden Circle, SPC, Dairy Farmers, CSR Sugar, SunRice and AWB - have fallen into foreign hands.

A Herald Sun investigation shows a swag of government-backed entrepreneurs - including from China, the Middle East and Singapore - are sizing up potential investments as global powers move to secure food supplies.

More than $9 billion of prized agricultural assets have been sold to offshore interests in the past two years.

And there is more to come - though no one can accurately say how much is for sale.

A Chinese delegation will arrive next month, hoping to acquire farms and other agricultural assets.

Tens of millions of dollars are being invested in water licences by American and British investors.

Tasmanian real estate executive Betty Kay said she had five Chinese investors hoping to acquire dairy assets - part of the superpower's plan to provide milk to its 1.3 billion population.



The Australian People been Betrayed

 by Those We Trusted to Manage Our Country.

Have the Australian People been betrayed by  Elected  Representatives,  Bureaucrates, Academics and certain so called financial and policy advisers  by   succumbing to the Socialist Global Agenda and Corporate demands?

 There is no variation between the incompetent, the weak, the ignorant or the  Traitors who have deliberately planned the dissolution of Australia's Sovereignty and demise of every Australian life, through the process of:

*  Free Trade Agreements.  *  Foreign Investment. * Privatisation.          *  Reserve and Private Banks manipulation of the monetary system for property acquisition.    *   Imposing of crippling Taxes.  *  Agenda 21 the plan for global control of water, land and depopulation.  * Implementation of laws based on Government created terrorist threats.  * Signing of agreements to allow foreign Troops to control and devastate millions of acres of land for military manoeuvres which include depleted uranium and nuclear weapons. *  Media used for mind control, withholding of truthful information and events, false propaganda and population control through the mass hysteria and absorption in sport, idol and soap programs . * Government Health and Medical corruption controlled and financed by Pharmaceuticals and Banking Cartels medicating and killing for profit.  *  Mind, the retardation and lobotomising of the brain function and spiritual connection of the Australian people by attacking the pineal gland using psychotropic drugs, mercury, viruses, neuro toxins and sodium fluoride. * Poisoning and sterilizing the people via the water, vaccines, food and air. 

The consequence of the above leave  Australians exhausted, apathetic,  subservient, vulnerable to immune collapse and cancer.

- Read This -




And This



An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.

Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

  We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.

We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.

Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring
suspicion upon ourselves.

This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.


Click to read the full  Secret Covenant the agenda of our Trusted Leaders.



 Were Australias Floods Deliberately Created ? Do Your Research.


Bringing Australia to its knees.

 The Darling Downs Food Bowl of Australia

  - Floods - Droughts - Fires - Sand Storms -

       - Hurricanes - Cyclones - Tornados -

       By  Nature - CO2 - or Manipulation?

   See Weather Modification - Watch Video.


Queensland Governments Secret Deal

For Rain-Making Prior To Floods

Click to see full report


 Dr Ben Livingston Explains Weather Control

Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather (FULL LENGTH)



Veteran weather modification expert Dr Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960's during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.

In this exclusive interview, Livingston explains how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes.

Dr. Livingston was assigned in 1966 from the Naval weapons research Laboratory to a marine fighter squadron in Vietnam. Instead of guns, the aircraft under Livingston's control were fitted with cloud seeding equipment. "My mission was to find clouds and seed them for maximum precipitation value" he stated.

Dr. Livingston presents evidence from the Stanford research Institute, who were brought into Project Storm Fury (a weather control program) in the late sixties as a third party, which stated conclusively that knowledge of how to stop hurricanes had been uncovered and that they would be directly liable should a hurricane hit and cause extensive damage and loss of life. Four decades later and Livingston exposes how the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina could have been greatly minimized but was allowed to fully impact Gulf states for political reasons.

Having personally flown on 265 missions into the eyes of hurricanes, Livingston remarks that he was "disgusted" by the failure to lessen the impact of Katrina. Livingston's revelations that weather control has been a decades long program in which the US government has been deeply involved are particularly alarming given the abundant modern-day evidence of how chemtrails are being used to warp our environment in a secret geoengineering plot that threatens a myriad of unknown human health and ecological consequences.


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  December 1st 2010

Terminally ill Oil Tycoon Spills Info to Pastor

An Oil Tycoon – a high ranking Bilderberg is terminally ill in the USA. He opened his remorseful heart to Pastor Lindsay Williams last week. He told him some of the plotted events coming for us all in the next year or so before the take over of the New World Order whereby we will be ruled by China, the yellow skinned race but of course the Real Rulers are the Illuminati Bankers who will remain in the shadows as the Chinese take over.

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